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--Ask For: Michael Suddreth

3700 Hickory Blvd
Hudson, NC 28638

Silver 140.5" ST Interior: Cloth 4WD 8 Cyl 3 Speed Auto 159K
M56636 truck
White Interior: Cloth 4WD 3.5L Automatic 193K
M5412 truck
Yellow FWD 2.0L Manual 75K
M17031 car
Blue Interior: Leather RWD 4.6L Manual 87K
M24471 car
Black 4WD 5.3L Automatic 86K 143.5" SLE
M99499 truck
Black Interior: Leather 4WD 5.3L Automatic 81K
M74007 suv
Black 4WD 6.2L Automatic 161K
M40114 suv
White Interior: Cloth FWD 1.8L Automatic 30K (Alabama Plant)
M78938 car
Blue 4WD 3.6L Automatic 83K
M16609 suv
Black 4WD 3.5L Automatic 185K
M54825 car
Burgundy FWD 2.5L Automatic 75K
M91545 car
White FWD V6 3.5L Automatic 155K
M66535 van